What are PTSD Causes, Effects and Symptoms


In one of the latest homeless veterans essay it’s said that the traumas infected on the people with PTSD mostly come in two categories.
“Line of Duty Traumas”
The wound, in this matter, is caused by a person witnessing his fellow or someone dying, or in a critical state. It can also be on himself hence after the scenario he ends up being affected deeply by life was lost or not.
“Line of Duty Death” (LDD)
In this category of trauma, a person witnesses people dying or even his comrade. The person may even die in his hands as he tries to save one’s life, a situation he does not forget afterward. In many cases, the victims feel angry and live blaming himself thinking he did not do much to save the person life.
Given the above situations, it is evident that all workers are vulnerable to this developing disorder. However, many acquire this problem when they are trainers, first-timers in the field and those who have a history of mental disturbances.


Some victims may not have an idea that they are suffering from this health problem until they develop a series of these symptoms while even others assume and pretend they are fine. These symptoms include the following:

Recalling of the Event Numerously
The traumatic situation keeps coming back in one’s mind no matter the trials to keep it back. The victim gets flashback every time and ends up withdrawing from other people or even embark on using drugs to forget though its only for some time. It becomes hard for them to sleep or even go to dark places. This is a symptom that one had developed this problem.

Avoid any Discussion Concerning the Situation
When a person starts avoiding any talk regarding an individual issue or situation, then it is clear that that event had a negative impact on him. To the victim, talking about the issue brings back the trauma and thinks by avoiding discussions on the issue, gives them peace. However, this does not help since some end up taking their life due to the psychological trauma they can’t live with anymore. In Phoenix Local 493, 4 victims of circumstance committed suicide in 2010.

Change in Perspectives over Things or Feelings
The people living with PTSD in most cases, start viewing life in a negative way. They feel that life is not worth life and nothing made sense. Some of them even begin living a carefree life fearing and respecting nothing is it being killed. It not as if they want to live such a life but only because the trauma is so deep and cannot control themselves anymore.

Being Hyper Arousal on Even Small Things
The victims of this health behavioral tend to be very sensitive to minor things. Little things like noise, screams, and shouts turn them on, and they get mad, and so scared a lot. They get angry quickly due to the state of their unstable state of mind. Some can decide on avoiding people and keeping alone. However, though the damages caused by one’s emotion can be assumed and ignored, the symptoms are visible. This disease is considered occupational and once detected at an earlier stage; the victim can receive treatment and get healed.


The impact caused by witnessing a horrific situation is in most cases very profound and great. The lives of this people remain negatively changed. These effects are as follows,

The victims tend to blame themselves for the cause of the death of their fellows or any person. They feel they did not do much in saving lives.

Change in Behavior
One begins seeing things from a negative perspective in that; life loses its meaning, and he ends up living a messy life without any concern.

This is a significant impact that most victims end up in since they can’t take it anymore. Taking their life to them is the only solution to free them from a life of torture. In the years of 2008-2009, seven members of Chicago Local 2 took their lives since they could not endure it anymore.

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