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Our 2 Bicycles Were Stolen: Why You Need to Prioritize Safety

The sun is shining brightly in Portland, Oregon. Although it’s too hot for a bicycle ride in Springwater Corridor trail,

My Home is Everywhere: Homeless Veterans’ Problem in the USA

When you’re a military veteran, some people think that you’re well off. This isn’t a surprising assumption considering that, as

What are PTSD Causes, Effects and Symptoms

Causes In one of the latest homeless veterans essay it’s said that the traumas infected on the people with PTSD mostly come

Sometimes, the camera lens can save your life, but sometimes, it’s risky

Everyone thinks that being a photographer just means you need to take good photos of people. Not everyone actually thinks

Thank You, Portland: The Achievements of the Community in Helping with the Long Road Home

The road home is long, but the journey is still what counts the most. When our founder, Casey Miller, decided